Monday, May 9, 2011

WWII Weekend at Old Bethpage Village - May 14 and 15

M8 Greyhound, originally uploaded by sakraft1.

This weekend is World War 2 weekend at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. Some of the armored vehicles from the American Airpower Museum will be there (pictured is their M8 Greyhound at the village during last year's American Soldier Historical Timeline).

Click here to visit the Old Bethpage Village Restoration webpage.

Other vehicles from the American Airpower Museum will be on display down the road at the Field Of Wheels Show at Newsday Headquarters on Pinelawn Road. Click here to get your free tickets for that show.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Trolley Car

The Trolley line in the Huntington area operated for about 20 years. The growing use of cars and complaints from farmers that the trolley freightened their livestock led to the demise of the line.

Image source:,37

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Republic P47 Thunderbolt

Republic P47 Thunderbolt, originally uploaded by sakraft1.

Over 9,000 Thunderbolts were built in Farmingdale on Long Island, where Republic Airport is now.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Notes On Civil War Units from Long Island

While no whole regiments were recruited from Long Island, a number of companies were raised that fought in the Civil War. Additionally is is quite possible that young men left Long Island to volunteer in New York City and elsewhere. Even some of the companies were not composed entirely of men from one area. This list is probably not complete. Keep in mind too that, at this time Nassau County did not exist by itself (not until 1899), it was part of Queens. Queens itself was not yet part of New York City, that would happen in 1897 or 1898.

Some notes:

At the outbreak of the war, there were four regiments of the New York National Guard in Brooklyn (13th, 14th, 17t, 28th).

Hewitt J. Long and George S. Sammis helped to form Company E of the 127th Regiment in Huntington.

Below are some examples of companies from some regiments that were recruited from parts of Long Island (only those companies with recruits from Long Island are listed). Union regiments had 10 companies (most of the time and they were not usually at full strength as the war wore on). Companies were lettered A through K. For some reason, there was not usually a Company J, the skipped that letter and went to K.

127th New York Infantry Regiment:
Company D - New York city, Brooklyn, Huntington, Southampton and Greenport
Company E - Huntington, Amityville and Babylon
Company G - New York city, Riverhead, Sag Harbor and Greenport
Company H - Greenport, Southold, Mattituck and Orient
Company I - Brooklyn and Huntington
Company K - Greenport, Sag Harbor, Riverhead, Southampton and Bridgehampton

155th Infantry Regiment:
Company D: Brooklyn, Huntington, Islip,. Hempstead, Southold, Oyster Bay and New York city
Company E: New York city, Oyster Bay, Islip, Hempstead, Southampton and Brooklyn

119th Infantry Regiment:
Company H: Hempstead and North Hempstead(all other companies from New York City)
Benjamin A. Willis of Roslyn began recruiting for Company H of the 119th New York on August 13th, 1862.
source 1
source 2

There were many more companies with Long Islanders in them. Here are some links:
Units from Suffolk
Units from Queens
Units from Brooklyn (aka Kings)
Units listed under 'Long Island'
127th New York Regiment

Other sources:
Town of Huntington: The Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Building (PDF)
Huntington History Timeline (PDF)
Historic Long Island
By Rufus Rockwell Wilson

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from Bayles' Long Island handbook By Richard Mather Bayles, 1885

The book has many other similar descriptions of other places. Click the image of the text block above to see the whole book.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Long Island History Blog

"Children's Room at Hempstead Library. Children reading at tables. Christmas tree on table."

Original date unknown.

Long Island Memories,376

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